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JET-CUT INC. IS Waterloo Region's first waterjet cutting job shop. We have extensive experience with many materials --in fact, if you can name it, we have probably cut it!

Inside, you can find out about our history, our machinery and our scope of operations.

But what is truly interesting is the fact that we can cut through 2½" of stainless steel, or make a paperweight out of limestone or earrings out of titanium.

If you don't believe it, come on in and see some things you never would have thought possible.
home // main // profile // gallery // materials // wire cutting

Jet-Cut Inc. 603 Colby Drive Unit #4, Waterloo, ON  N2V 1A1, Canada

T: (519) 747-3660   F: (519) 747-4294   E:

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